League of Nations- How it failed

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  • League of Nations- How it failed
    • Membership
      • Usa refused to join, which staright away weakened the league as any economic sanctions they tried to place would not work.
      • Germany were not allowed to join so seen as League of victors.
      • Russia was communist and wasnt invited. They could have helped in manchuria
    • Organisation
      • Assembly- each member nation represented on assembly- met once a year- all decisions had to be unamious.
      • Council- 5 permament members- reduced to 4 when us didnt join- solve disputes between states.
      • Permanent court of Justice- 15 members- dealt with disputes ocver international laws.
      • Weaknesses- all council members had the power of veto- no standing army- depended on goodwill
    • Manchurian Crisis- 1931
      • Japan claimed there had been an explosion on suth manchurian railway. No proof. Excuse to invade- quickly defeated chinese at Mukden.
      • China appealed to the league and Lord lytton sent to find out who was in wrong. A year later Lyton issued his report, declaring thatJapan was in wrong. Manchuria should be self governing state- so Japan simply re-organised it into manchukuo Japan were finally condemned to be wrong formally in 1933.
      • Consequences.
        • Italy and Germany saw this and offered later challenges to the league.
        • All countries suffering from depression so did not want troubles in far east to affect asian trade. Made them look selfish and weak though.
        • other small countries saw that the league would not help them.
    • Abyssinian Crisis
      • 1934- Abyssinian and Italian soldiers minor clash at wal-wal. Mussolini then built up army on border of Italian Somaliland. 3rd oct 1935- Mussolini invades- claiming he is bringing civilisation.
      • Mussolini wanted to restore glory of Roman empire and  get revenge for the defeat they suffered in 1896- stresa front had been formed in 1935 that said italy form a united front against Germany.
      • The league condemned italy's invasion as act of agression- arms trade stooped immediatly- 2 months later limited sanctions.
        • no sanctions on coal, oil, steel or iron.
        • Britain and France should have closed suez canal to stop italian supplies.
      • dec 1935- hoard and Laval agreed to give mussolini 2/3 of Abyssinia, but when news came out of this secret agreement it was so unpopular that it was dropped and Hoare resigned.
      • Consequences
        • Italy walked out of League may 193.
        • Hitler took advantage and re-militarised the Rhineland at same time.
        • Ended stresa front as in 1936 Mussolini signed Rome Berlin axis with Hitler and in 1937 this extended to become the anti-comintern pact.
        • The League of Nations no longer had any power over European affairs as they had been shown as weak
        • No-one listened to the league anymore- it had failed to keep peace.


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