Leaf structure

Mindmap of leaf structure

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  • Leaf Structure
    • Stomata
      • Guard cells
        • have a nucleus and chloroplasts
        • control opening and closing
        • close to limit water loss
        • water lost when open
      • Purpose
        • Allow gases in and out of the leaf for respiration
        • open when plant needs air
        • Oxygen from respiration diffuses into air when guard cells open
      • Photosynthesis
        • closing stops photosynthesis
        • when open, air diffuses into spaces inside leaves
      • Located in the lower epidermis, between guard cells
        • away from sumshine
        • stops it being blocked by rain/dust
        • avoids dehydration
    • Leaf adaptions
      • most are broad--large surface area for light
      • chlorophyll to absorb light
      • air spaces to allow CO2 to get to cells
      • veins, bring water to cells
    • Cuticle
      • waterproof layer that decreases water loss
      • upper epidermis area
      • also gasproof
    • Mesophyll
      • also called the palisade layer
      • palisade cells
        • lost of chloroplasts for photosynthesis
      • name of tissue layer
      • directly beneath upper epidermis
      • air spaces to allow CO2/oxygen to diffuse


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