Reforms of Archbishop William Laud

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  • Laud's Reforms
    • More order and control in church.
      • Le d to less questioning of preachers which was essential in Puritan services.
    • Strict Use of Book of Common Prayer and 39 Articles.
    • More ritual and ceremony - vestments, communion.
    • Railing off altar.
      • Angered Puritans who used it during services.
    • Strictly controlled behaviour and punishment in church.
    • Divine right of Kings emphasized.
    • "Catholic Features" - stained glass windows.
      • Fuelled a fear of Papacy.
      • Funded by high taxes.
    • Banned unlicensed preaching.
    • Gave high level jobs in politics and church to Arminians.
      • Concern as state and church start to blur.
      • Perceived favouritism both from King and Laud.
    • Banned Puritan literature.
    • Ban on second jobs for preachers.


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