Language Frameworks

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  • Language Frameworks
    • Lexis
      • This means the vocabulary of a language
    • Semantics
      • This is the study of how meaning is created through words and phrases
    • Grammer
      • This is the system of rules that governs how words and sentences are constructed
    • Phonology
      • This is the study of sounds
    • Pragmatics
      • This is sometimes called language in use.  It is about how social conventions, context, personality and relationships influence the choices that people make about their language
    • Graphology
      • This is the study of appearence of the writing and the effect that it has on the text
    • Discourse
      • This is an extended piece of spoken or written language


Bethany Cunningham


Oops, it's grammar!

Nicola Christian Graham


the graphology is also the study of the layout the text is in.



Thanks this is really useful 

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