Linguistic terminology

What is a lexical field?
A collection of words similar in meaning
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A complex sentence...
1 or more subordinate clauses
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A compound sentence...
2 or more subordinate clauses
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Components of grammar
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joins two parts of sentence eg. and
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term for objects, people and places
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imperative language...
commanding language
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a nominal sentence
one without a verb
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the tone of the text
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words infront of nouns
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what are the 8 word classes?
noun, verb, adjective, adverb, determiner, conjunction, preposition, pronoun
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7 linguistic frameworks...
discourse, lexis, grammar, graphology, semantics, phonology, pragmatics,
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what is discourse?
the content, whats included and the structure
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what is lexis?
word choices and vocab patterns
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what is semantics?
meaning of specific words
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what is pragmatics?
meaning, context, audience
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grammar is what?
the editting process
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speech and influence of spoken language and speech patterns
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4 types of pronouns and examples...
personal I/you/she... possessive my/his/yous... reflexive myself... demonstrative this/these.... relative who/whom
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colloquial language...
casual language
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figurative language...
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GAP stands for what?
genre, audience, purpose
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what is the IPA?
International Phonetic Association
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what are the phonological processes?
Assimilation,coalescence, elision, deletion, liason, epenthesis
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what is David Crystals defintion of phonology?
studies the factors that govern our choice of language in social interaction and the effects of our choice on others
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context is...
the specific language used based on intended and percieved meaning from the appropiate environment
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1 or more subordinate clauses


A complex sentence...

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2 or more subordinate clauses


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Components of grammar


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joins two parts of sentence eg. and


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