Language Planning

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  • Language Planning
    • Language planning
      • Definition =  The actual proposal of what is to be implemented to fulfil the ideological goals of the policy
        • Deliberate effort to influence the function, structure or acquisition of languages or language varieties within a speech community
      • Types of Language Planning
        • Corpus
          • Refers to the body, internal make-up or structure of a language variety or dialect
          • Involves orthography, spelling and punctuation reforms as well as vocabulary regulation
        • Status
          • Involves the promotion of the role or function of a language / variety in relation to another language or variety
          • Affects the relative prestige of a variety or a language
        • Acquisition
          • Refers to the efforts to enable individuals or groups to learn a language
            • This can be as 1st/2nd language learners or foreign language learners
    • Language policy
      • Definition =  Linguistic, political and social goals that underlie the planning more generally
      • Ideology
        • Linguistic assimilation
        • Linguistic Pluralism
        • Vernacularisation
        • Internationalism
      • Goals
        • Linguistic Purification
        • Language Maintenance
        • Language Spread
        • Language Revival
        • Standardisation
        • Language Reform
    • Factors affecting language
      • Number of native speaking population
      • Use in formal communication
      • Geographic dispersal
      • Socio-economic weight of its speakers
    • Language death
      • Up to 1/2 of the 6,000+ languages currently spoken are under threat in the 21st century
    • Académie Française
      • Founded by Cardinal Richelieu in 1635
      • Modelled on: Academia della Crusca, founded in Florence in 1582, published Vocabolario in 1612
      • Nature: linguistically conservative
      • Concern: increased Anglicisation of French and "Americanisation" of French life (replacing loanwords - "walkman", "software" and "email" with ""baladeur", "logiciel" and "courriel")
    • Welsh Language Planning
      • 1911 the Welsh language in Wales had become a minority language
        • 1962 Plaid Cymru & The Welsh Language Society
          • Welsh Language Act of 1993
            • Government of Wales Act 1998
              • 2011 Welsh made an official language in Wales/UK
                • 2011 recognised as a minority language in the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages




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