EN5314- Timeline of English Language

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  • English Language through the Ages
    • Origin of Language (Pre-English 3000BC-449)
      • Proto Indo-European Language (Hypothetical language
        • Romance (Latin) + Germanic Language
        • Human speech depended on physiological and neurological change
        • •Reconstructed  through cognates and language patterns
        • Split into Eastern and Western
        • GRIMM'S LAW- the sound change exhibited in Germanic language
        • Celtic languages influence as well as Latin. Continental and insular
      • 1000Bc-500 Emergence of Prot-Germanic
      • c.45- Become part of Roman Empire c.410- Collapse of Roman Empire
    • Old English (450-1100)
      • c. 700- First surviving evidence of Old English
      • 597- Arrival of Roman mission- introduction of Christianity
      • c.449-  Invasion of Angles, Saxons and Jutes
    • Middle English (1100-1500)
    • Early Modern English (1500-1700)


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