Lagos - Opportunities and Challenges of Urban Growth

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  • Lagos - opportunities and challenges of urban growth
    • Social opportunities
      • More healthcare centres and hospitals
        • Better range of medicine
      • 68% of population have secondary education
      • Electricity avaliable for cooking and lighting
        • This means businesses can be developed
      • Water treatment plants
        • Safe water piped to areas of city
    • Economic opportunities
      • Better job opportunities
      • Many jobs in construction
        • As the city is rapidly growing
      • Lagos is home to many of the country's:
        • Banks
        • Government departments
        • Manufacturing industries
        • Major ports (2)
      • Lagos has a thriving film and music industry
        • Nollywood films are very popular
    • Social challenges
      • Over 60% of the city's population live in the slums of Makoto
        • Houses are flimsy wooden huts built on stilts above the lagoon
          • There is only 1 primary school in Makoto
            • Many families cannot afford to send their children to school
        • Communal toilets are shared by 15 households
          • Most of the waste goes to the lagoon below
            • Causes health problems eg cholera
        • Water comes from a communal water point
          • Can be up to 3km away
          • Only electricity comes from illegal connections that are often cut out
        • High levels of crime
          • Slum is self policed by gangs
    • Economic challenges
      • Aren't enough formal jobs for all the migrants
        • People have to go to desperate resorts to make money
          • Eg scavenging in the rubbish dump
    • Environmental challenges
      • Only 40% of rubbish is collected
        • There are large rubbish dumps containing toxic waste
      • Waste disposal and emissions from factories aren't controlled
        • Causing air and water pollution
      • Traffic congestion
        • Many face 2 hour commutes


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