Megacities: Issues in Lagos

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  • Issues in Lagos
      • 2050- population will be over 10 billion
      • Population was 300,000 in 1950, it is now approx 14 million
      • Increasing rates of crime
        • Gangs and young criminals
        • Stealing, fights and drugs
      • No healthcare in the slums
        • Extremely poor treatment of the mentally ill
      • 70% of the cities residents live in informal housing
        • No electricity or water
      • 2.8 million graduates and only 10% get a job
      • Poverty is higher in rural areas compared to urban
        • There is less employment there
      • Expensive cost of living- box of cereal is $12
      • 95% of population growth happens here
      • A lot of informal economy jobs
      • 95% of population growth happens in third world countries
      • Megaslums put a large amount of pressure on the land
      • No waste disposal system
        • Hospital waste found in rivers where people drink from
      • Crime and corruption- gangs
      • Evictions of slums may happen leaving thousands of people homeless
      • Dismissive of education
      • Isn't a hierarchy- even if you're highly skilled you don't necessarily get paid more


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