The Korean War - US and China intervention

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  • Korea
    • 1950-53
    • Why did the US intervene?
      • Stop expansionism of Communism
      • Wanted to remove N.Korea as a threat
      • To achieve independence for Korea
      • NSC Document 68
      • Legacy of the 1930s i.e. Hitler
      • Domestic pressures - The Red Scare / McCarthyism
      • USSR had broken the 1945 agreements - should suffer the cosequences
      • UN resolution to work for 'peace and unity' - moral argument
      • MacArthur wanted to continue his success after Inchon Landings - Sep.
      • Truman didn't want to be accused of being 'soft' towards Communism
      • 1st Oct. 1950
    • Why did China intervene?
      • Wanted to protect mainland China
      • Increased confidence about the new CCP government
      • 14th Oct. 1950
      • Domestic benefits - war needs loyalty at home
      • Depended on hydroelectric power from N. Korea
      • Soviet promises of air support
    • Impact of outside intervention
      • Civil war had become an international war
      • Increased tensions between US and China/USSR
      • Less likely for Korea to be unified
      • Longer and larger war - increased supplies and casualties
      • Domestic backing decreases the longer the war lasts


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