The Korean War

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  • The Korean War
    • Causes of the Korean War.
      • Soviet assistance and Stalins Role
        • To wage war on the south, Sung needed Soviet support. (satellite country for USSR) Sung needed Russian fighter planes.
        • Stalin slowed down proceedings due to being scared of US intervention.
      • Maos role in the Korean War
        • The USA believed that Moscow and Beijing colluded in the North attack on the South. Could China afford it after civil war? Probably not
    • Why did USA get involved?
      • American anti-communism
        • Domino Theory
        • The USA couldn't trade with a communist country so that would damage their economy.
      • The balance of World Powers
        • When USSR invaded Berlin and marched through Eastern Europe it left a lot of communist and mini satellite states.
          • USA were scared of this and Stalins 'Iron Curtain.'  Plus they also had the atomic bomb.
      • McCarthyism and Domestic Policy Concern
        • Joseph McCarthy declared that there were communists within the government. This created large scale hysteria.
      • NSC 68
        • National Security Council
        • Truman haunted by USSR bomb, China and Communism commissioned this planning paper.
          • It recommended: hydrogen bomb, build up of USA forces, new alliances and higher taxes for finances.
      • Fears for Japan.
        • USA wanted Japan as alliance and with Korea falling to communism and it only being 100 miles away, there was a threat for Japan.


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