Kobe earthquake case study

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  • MEDC Earthquake: Kobe
    • Cause of the earthquake
      • Heavier oceanic Philippine plate is forced under the lighter continental Eurasian plate
      • The earthquake occured as the plates stuck together then suddenly 'launch' forward
    • Effects
      • Wooden  buildings were built on reclaimed land- subject to liquefaction
      • Primary Effects
        • 5000 died,      35 000 injured, 300 000 made homeless
        • 3 hospitals destroyed, 12 trains derailed (bullet train), 5 bridges collapsed
      • Secondary Effects
    • Solutions
      • Preparation
        • Sensitive instruments measure earth movements (sesimometer)
        • By seeing recent earthquakes scientist can predict the next
      • Prediction
        • Made buildings earthquake proof.
        • Make people aware what to do (educate the public)


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