Plate Boundaries

How land features are formed on each boundary, with case study.

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  • Plate Boundaries
    • Constructive
      • 2 plates moving away from each other
        • A crack appears between the plates
          • Magma rises up through the crack
            • The magma hardens
              • The process is repeated as layers of magma harden around  the base of the crack
                • Shield Volcano formed
                  • Case Study
                    • Nyiragongo, Africa
    • Destuctive
      • Collioson
        • 2  continental crust push together
          • Push up
            • Young Fold Mountains created
              • Cases Studies
                • Himalayas
    • Conservative
      • 2 plates moving along side each other at different paces.
        • Sometimes they get stuck
          • One plater will suddenly jerk forward
            • Earthquake!
              • Case Studies
                • Sichuan, China 2008
                • San Francisco


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