King James I's Attitudes to Catholics

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  • King James I's Attitude to Catholics
    • James wanted Catholics to follow the law and look to the Monarchy.
      • He also believed that no blood should be spilled over religious division.
      • He wouldn't persecute 'any that will be quiet and give but an outward obedience to the law'
    • In his view, he divided Catholics.
      • Moderates - 'retained in their hearts the print of their natural duty towards their sovereignty'
      • Extremists - e.g. Jesuits who he described as 'venomed wasps and firebrands of sedition'
        • He thought that Jesuits and seminary priests should simply leave the realm.
    • Re-imposed recusancy fines when Catholic power increased.
      • about 40,000 Catholics in England in 1603.
      • Even those who had agreed to take the Oath of Allegiance were not exempt from recusancy laws.
    • After James' accession, the number of priests imprisoned and executed dropped.
      • Death penalty was not affected --> 19 were sentenced to death during his death.
    • Aftermath of the Gunpowder Plot (1605)
      • The Gov implemented harsher penalties after the recommendation by the Lower House.
      • Established financial penalties for the husbands of recusant wives.
      • The number of Catholics increased: by 1625 they stood above 50,000.
      • 1606 Penal Laws
        • 1st penal law - Forbade Catholics to live near London or hold public office.
        • 2nd penal law - Enabled the King to seize Catholic's property + impose fines +Had to take an oath repudiating the Pope's claim to depose Kings.
    • He was hostile towards papists.


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