Key Islam Quotes and meanings

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  • Key Islam Quotes
    • 'Do not harm yourself or others'
      • Meaning don't bully people, self harm, commit suicide, murder, or do anything where you could harm you or others
      • God created life in his image so it is wrong and disrespectful to harm his creation.
    • “He is God the One, God the eternal. He begot no one nor was He begotten.
      • meaning There is only one God (Tawhid)
      • It is saying he has no children and he came from no one.
    • He is with you wherever you are
      • Meaning no matter where you are and what you are going through Allah will be there.
      • Also show that Allah is Omnipresent -all seeing/ present everywhere.
    • This is God, your Lord….the Creator of all things
      • Meaning Allah is the creator of the world and everything in it.
      • Helps with the existence of God and the creation story.
    • Muhammad…he is God’s Messenger and the seal of the prophets
      • Meaning that Prophet Muhammad is the messanger for god - he brought down The Quran.
      • The seal of the prophets means that Prophet Muhammad was the final Prophet.
    • A man should not stay with a woman in seclusion unless he is a relative. (The hadith)
      • Allah knows there are temptations in life (adultery) so this rule was put in place.
      • This is trying to help stop adultery which is Haram in Islam.
    • "Allah loves those who turn to him"
      • Refers to Prayer
      • Allah loves people who pray to him and ask for support
        • If you are going through something or you need strength or forgiveness then turn to Allah to give you the strength you need. Be faithful.
    • Allah loves  kindness and those who are kind
      • If you are kind to others Allah is kind to you, and if you live a life with more good deeds then bad you will be rewarded by Allah and go to heaven
      • Be kind to everyone as they are all Gods creation.


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