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  • Kennedy's increasing involvement
    • success and failures
      • Limited war
        • Failure: Increasing usage of resources to aid Vietnam and usage of aircraft is not a Limited involvement
        • Success: Compromise at Laos displayed that Kennedy did not seek a conflict with other communist nations, therefore limiting the war to vietnam
      • Containment of \Communism
        • Success, communism did not spread to south vietnam
        • Failure: Vietcong membership and hold over south Vietnam increased instead of decreased
      • Secure south Vietnam
        • Failure:The removal of Diem caused the political situation in South Vietnam to enter Turmoil
    • Reasons why
      • Growing problems in south east asia
        • Diem's government was unsuited to contain the situation in vietnam
        • Lack of reform and discriminatory policies was creating a discontented populace
        • Cold war Context, America saw itself as in competition with
          • Kennedy was a firm anti communist
            • Curse of appeasement, Communism should be stopped early
      • Domestic Politics
        • Hawks pressured Kennedy into commiting to the war
        • Democrats were seen as weak on communism
          • Seens as lost "china
        • Growing anti communist sentiment in Domestic Politics
    • Degree of involvement
      • Millitary
        • Increasing involvement
          • Usage of special forces and military aircraft to aid south Vietnamese government
          • Military aid rose from $220 million to $262 million
          • Number of US special advisors increased to 16,000 by 1962
        • No increase in involvement
          • Compromise in Laos displayed commitment to limited war
          • No actual state of waw was  declared
          • Kennedy just continued to follow the polcies of Eisenhower
      • Economic//Polit
        • Increase in involvemetn
          • Death of Diem resulted in the destabalisation of the situation as a whole
          • Agrovilles demonstrated American commitment
        • Decrease in involvement
          • Many of the reforms suggested by the American government were ignored by Diem
    • Historians
      • Orthodox throy
        • Increasing support from China and the USSR forced Kennedy to increase involvement
      • Revisionist theory
        • Exagerated Vietnams importance to help his stance in domestic politics


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