Keeping control of Germany:the terror sate

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  • Keeping control of Germany: the terror state
    • Propaganda
      • Mass raliies, Posters and propaganda films
      • Nazis's controlled the radio and newspapers
      • School children were indoctrinated with Nazi idea
      • Hitler youth and the Young Maidens
    • Popularity
      • Ripping up the Treaty of Versailles
      • Created Jobs
      • Nazi Policies
    • The terror state
      • Secret police (gestapo)
      • ** were responsible for the running of the concentration camps
      • Everyone was scared of being aressted by the Gestapo so therefore dared not vioce any anti-Nazi opinions
    • Enemies of the state
      • Communists
      • Social Democrats
      • Jews
      • Trade Unionists
      • Work shy
      • Homosexuals
      • Gypsies
      • Pacifists
      • Radical Christian Organistations


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