(Keats) Society

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  • Society
    • To Autumn
      • 'gathering swallows twitter in the skies'
        • Swallows could represent a physical + spiritual journey (migration)
          • Keats is ready to die (next step to find transcen-dence)
            • Keats dies of TB in Rome at the age of 25 in 1821
            • Like Autumn he is hung between Summer & Winter (life and death)
      • 'o'er-brimmed their clammy cells'
        • Last line of each stanza is longer (literally overflowing)
        • 'cells' is a medical word (focusing on the microscopic details of nature)
          • Alliteration begins harsh but ends soft (atmosphere of release)
        • Use of full words ('bosom'/ 'swell'/ 'plump') creates an image of ripeness
          • Idea of satisfaction (abundant atmosphere)
            • Romanticism (artistic/ literary movement which developed a deep love for nature & the supernatural)
          • Jeffrey Cox: '****** as a power of social transformation'
      • Keats begins to look outwards instead of just inwards...
    • Ode to Psyche
      • I wandered through a forest thoughtlessly'
        • 'forest' to 'gardener'
          • Keats's relationship with Fanny Brawne never became a reality
            • Keats wants to lure Fanny/Psyche into a managed/ controlled environment
              • Wants to tame/understand women (never settled down to marry)
        • Tame image suggests he is overwhelmedby women (as he is by nature)
          • John Jones: incapable of 'jostling in the real world'
        • A forest is typically a symbol of the subcons-cious
          • Fricatives create a suffocating effect (overcome by internal thoughts)
        • 'A casement ope at night'
          • 'A casement high'
            • Godly status + angelic quality (unreachable e.g. Fanny)
              • Also an image of entrapment
          • Only open at night (limited freedom + only observing society/ reality)
            • Fears he will not be able to experience the world in time (experience of death)
              • Keats was painfully aware of his own mortality (his brother died in 1802 + mother in 1810)
    • St Agnes
      • 'A casement high'
        • Godly status + angelic quality (unreachable e.g. Fanny)
          • Also an image of entrapment
      • 'silken hushed and chaste'
        • Women likened to materialistic qualities (objectified/ shallow)
          • Only sees outward beauty
            • Keats claims he would not spend 'anytime with ladies unless they are handsome'
        • Sensuous sibilance imitates the rustle of silk (creates a claustrophobic effect)
          • Keats to Fanny - you are 'cruel to have so entrammelledme, so destroyed my freedom'
            • Menand: 'a horror of female sexuality'
      • 'tongueless nightingale should swell her throat in vain'
        • Women are voiceless in Keat's poetry (submissive ideal)
          • Sibilance also emphasises inability (OR Keats unconsciously silencing women in poetry)
        • Reference to Philomel (***** by barbarous king & tongue removed)


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