Keats Themes

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  • Keats
    • Escapism
      • Ode to a Nightinglae
        • Escape in death
      • La Belle Dame
        • Escape in another person/love
      • On  the Sea
        • Nature as an escape from industrial world
    • Nature/ Beauty
      • On the Sea
        • Nature as an escape from industrial world
      • Ode on Melancholy
        • Beauty and nature as a cure to Melancholy. Uses cycles in nature to show that melancholy will pass
      • To Autumn
        • Celebration of nature's beauty, even at the colder, more bleak times of year
    • Mythology
      • Ode on a Grecian urn
        • Mythology to question own mortality/the way meanings change with thime
      • Chapman's Homer
        • Idolisation of myth/classic literature
      • Ode to Psyche
        • Desire to preserve myth in changing society
    • Mortality
      • To Autmn
        • Uses metaphor of Nature to explore mortality
      • Ode to a Nightingale
        • Death as an escape
      • Ode on a Grecian Urn
        • Immortality of vase emphasises speakers mortality
    • Pain/Pleasure
      • ode on Melancholy
        • Suggestion that melancholy must be endured to find pleasure, compares passing of emotion to cycles in nature
      • To Autmn
        • Appreciates nature's beauty with knowledge that for Keats it is coming to an end
      • La Belle Dame
        • Woman first provides escape from bleak reality, but he becomes lured in and trapped by her- Keats' view of love?
    • Love/Women
      • Ode on a Grecian Urn
        • Expresses longing for a love as eternal as the one between pictures on vase
      • La Belle Dame
        • Lover leads him out of/helps him escape harsh reality
      • Bright Star...
        • Keats wishes to have a love as permanent as the star


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