Kantian Sexual Ethics Mindmap

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  • kantian sexual ethics
    • based on: categorical imperative
      • good will
      • treating a person as an end in himself (mainly due to his ability to reason)
      • whether an action can be universalized (applied consistently to all human beings)
    • marital relationships
      • marriage is based on promise and duty (vital notions in Kantian ethics)
    • homosexuality
      • sexual intercourse may only ttake place within the marriage of a man and a woman
      • lacks commitment  (same as adultery and extramarital sex) - has to lack commitment as it cannot be the same as a heterosexual relationship
      • 'demeans man below the beast' - Lectures
    • cohabitation
      • divided opinions
        • for (kantians today): if it is faithful and commited
          • marriage brings no additional benefit
          • cohabitation contracts as a replacement of marriage
            • marriage brings no additional benefit
        • against (Kant): lack of commitment
          • using each other as a means to an end (as reproduction is the only reason for sex)
          • commited environment is important for children
    • on sex


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