Justice, finance and policies

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  • Justice, finance and policies
    • Promoting trade
      • Under the 1485 Navigation Acts, no English merchants were to use foreign ships to transport goods, if an English one was free. This boosted shipping
    • Improving law, order and stability
      • Henry VII increased JP powers. Por ejemplo, could arrest poachers and replace jury members who had been bribed
      • Henry used bonds and recognisances to control over mighty nobles
      • The Star Chamber was established to deal with threats to England's stability, although it was not used under his rule
    • Illegal Retaining
      • Henry cracked down on it
      • Some nobles had hundreds of retainers who behaved like small armies. Keeping them was called maintenance
      • Acts were made against livery and maintenance. Henry set down quotas and required them to pay licenses
    • Increasing crown revenue
      • Used council learned in law to exploit long forgotten feudal dues
      • Increased crown lands through Acts of Resumption, attainder's and council learned in law
        • Improved financial administration
    • Bonds and Recognisances
      • Payments made to guarantee good behaviour
      • Usually applied to nobility whose loyalty was uncertain. Council learned in law enforced them.
    • Court of Chancery
      • Heard cases on feudal land disputes and complaints made by people to the crown.
      • Although king could not be sued, sometimes mistakes were acknowledged- sometimes compensation
    • Justices of Peace
      • JPs were responsible for the implementation of laws and were 18 by county.
      • More power under him than any other king
      • In 1487 could grant people bail. They were appointed annually
    • Star Chamber
      • Established prosecuting rioting, rebellion and corruption of justice
        • Heard petitions and appeals.


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