Henry VII: Henry VII's Government - Domestic Policy

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  • Henry VII's Government - Domestic Policy
    • Justice and the Maintenance of Order
      • A prime responsibility for the King
      • At worst problems with law could lead to uprisings or rebellions
      • Henry had to rely on untrustworthy people (Earl of Oxford and Lord Daubeney). He had to rely on those in whom he had little faith
      • This lack of trust was demonstrated by Henry's employment of a spying network whose task was to report on magnate performance and the imposition of bonds and recognizances
    • Justices of the Peaces (JPs)
      • Henry relied on the JPs to maintain law and order in the countryside
      • Oppionted on a county by county basis, meeting 4 times a year
      • Some were royal officials, but many were local gentry who fulfilled unpad tasks
      • Various Acts of Parliament were passed to increase powers and responsibilities of JPs
      • They were responsible for routine administration such as; tax assessments, alehouse regulation ...
        • They superseded the tradtional authority of the county sheriff
    • Bonds and Recognizances
      • Restored law and order largely through forcing many of his subjects to take them out
      • Some were the result of genuine debts owed to the Crown
      • Many were purely political
        • In the words of Dudley, the King wished 'to have many persons in danger at his pleasure'
          • Meaning the King used bonds to enforce order and obedience, and defeat of law
            • A system regarded as morally dubious
    • The Judicial System: Courts and Areas of Jurisdiction
      • Church Courts: Church admin, offences from the clergy, proving of wills, issues related to marriage, 'moral' offences
      • Local Courts - Manor Courts: Landholding, rights and responsibilites
        • Borough Courts: Medieval tradiing standards
      • King's Common Law Courts: King's bench, commone pleasl exchequer
      • Chancery and equity courts: jurisdiction on the basis of equity
    • Improving Royal Finances
      • Source of royal income
        • Crown Lands
        • Feudal rights profits and royal prerogative
        • Customs revenue
        • Profits of justice
      • Over the years different pictures of the crown finances have been drawn up
    • Crown Lands
      • His property was an important part of the Crown's ordinary revenue. The crowns income increase during Edwards reign
      • Initially Henrys income dropped to about £12,00 pa, when icome was collected and administered through the ineffiecient Court of Exchequer
      • Henry decided to revert to Edward's system of admin, through the chamber. Rasining his pa to £42,000
    • Feudal Dues Profits and Exercises of Royal Prerogative
      • Persuit of the King's feudal rights was tightened
      • Increased profits from wardship and Parliament granted a feudal aid in 1504
    • Other Sources of Revenue
      • Customs Revenue
      • Pensions from other Powers
      • Profits of Justice
      • Extraordinary revenue


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