Judaism: The Nature of God

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  • Judaism: The Nature of God
    • Monotheism: God as One
      • Jews believe that there is one God
      • The Shema is an important prayer in judaism
        • Central prayer
        • affirms the belief that their is only one God
        • made of 3 passages from the torah
        • is the most important prayer
        • "Here, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one"
      • A central belief
      • Synagogues don't have statues of humans as only God should be worshipped
    • God as Creator
      • the Torah begins showing how God created the world
      • "In the beginning God created heaven and earth"
      • He created humans on the sixth day and gave them a special and individual role
      • some believe the creation accounts are literal
      • others believe they are examples of what could of happened but shouldn't be taken literally
      • God is responsible for creating everything in existence
      • The world is too complex to not have a creator
      • Prayer said in orthodox services: "Blessed be He who spoke, and the world existed
      • Shabbbat and Rosh Hashanah celebrate creation
    • God as Lawgiver
      • God revealed the laws and duties all Jews should follow to Moses
      • The 10 Commandments (exodus 20) are the framework of how a jewish society close to God can be established
      • God judges how each Jew follows the law
      • By obeying the laws Jews are fulfilling what God wants and forming a close relationship with him
    • God as Judge
      • God is a God of both justice and mercy
      • God will Judge each person
      • all judgements he makes are just.
      • Psalm 5:4: " You are not a God that has pleasure in wickedness"
      • God judges each person on Rosh Hashanah
      • The talmud describes how God brings out scales to weigh the deeds of each person.
      • The 10 days between R.H an Y.K is where Jews can make up for any bad deeds and ask for forgiveness
    • Shekina
      • The place Where Gods presence rests and can be felt
      • derives from shakan which is used throughout the torah to illustrate Gods dwelling on the earth
      • Some believe it followed Jews into exile
      • some believe it never left the temple


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