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Cohabitation: Either do Catholics and Protestants OR Christianity and Islam, OR Christianity and Judaism.

Cohabitation: Catholics

  • Not acceptable
  • Marriage was God’s plan for creation
  • Lack of commitment within a relationship
  • Not a stable environment to raise children
  • Raises the issues of chastity
  • Pope in Casti Conubi states ‘Every sexual act must be within the framework of marriage.’
  • Paul’s teaching: people should aim for sexual control: ‘If the unmarried cannot control themselves, they should marry.  For it is better to marry than to be aflame with passion.’
  • It wasn’t what God intended.
  • Genesis: ‘therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be united with his wife…’
  • Undermines the sacred nature of the religious ceremony of marriage

Cohabitation: Protestants

  • Some accept that it is part of a committed relationship
  • Sensible way for couples to get to know each other
  • Shows love and strengthens the bond
  • Agree with Catholics that casual sex is unacceptable

Cohabitation: All Christians (Catholics and Protestants)

  • Sex is a gift from God, and a joy to humanity.
  • Genesis: God’s first instruction to Adam and Eve was ‘Go forth and multiply’.
  • Sex is holy and sacred, which expresses a deep and unique love between two people.
  • It should be reserved between two people at any one time.
  • Sex is life giving
  • Children should be brought up in a stable environment.

Cohabitation: Islam

  • Sex is a natural part of human life.
  • The sex…


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