Eduqas GCSE Religious Studies Route B Component 3 (Judaism) Exam Questions

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Component 3.1 - Beliefs and Teachings

(a) (2) - What is meant by... - this will be any keywords from the Key Concepts

(b) (5) - Describe Jewish beliefs about the nature of God

- Describe the nature and role of the Messiah in Judaism

- Describe Jewish teaching on the Sancity of Life

- Describe Jewish beliefs about the afterlife

- Describe Jewish beliefs about ressurrection

(c) (8) - Explain why Abraham is important to the Jewish people

- Explain why Moses is important for Jews

- Explain why Jews believe all life is sacred

- Explain how Jewish beliefs about the Sancity of Life influence Jewish people's attitude to the dying

- Explain two ways in which the prophets have influenced Jewish belief in the coming of the Messiah

- Explain three different understandings of free will in relation


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