Judaism Beliefs and Teachings

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  • Judaism: Beliefs and Teachings
    • The Nature of God
      • God as one
        • Judaism is a monotheistic religion. They believe in only one God
      • God as Creator
        • Jews believe God is the creator and sustainer
        • Jews believe God gave them free will therefore evil has to exist
      • God as lawgiver and judge; the divine presence
        • To help Jews use their free will correctly, God gave them many laws - therefore he is the lawgiver
        • God is viewed as Judge, as he judges how well people follow his laws and rewards or punished them as a result
        • Jews believe that there are occasions in their history when God's presence have been experienced on earth - called Shekhinah
    • Life after death, judgement, and resurrection
      • Many Jews do not believe it important to know what happens after death. They are more focused on the present.
      • Some believe God will judge them after death and some will go to heaven and others will go to Sheol (a place of waiting where souls are cleansed)
      • Some Jews believe in resurrection -however most reject it
    • The nature and role of the Messiah
      • The Messiah is a future leader of the Jews who will rule over humanity with kindness and justice
      • The Messiah will rule over the Messianic Age, which will be a time of world peace
    • The Promised Land and the covenant with Abraham
      • The Promised Land is the land of Canaan, which God promised to Abraham and the Jews
      • Abraham made a covenant with God. God promised Abraham would be a father of many nations, In return Abraham had to live a dedicate his life to God
    • The Covenant at Sinai and the Ten Commandments
      • The covenant at Sinai is the covenant between God and Moses, which requires Jews to follow God's laws in return for his protection and blessing
      • The Ten Commandments are the ten laws which were given to Moses by God after the Jews escaped from Egypt
    • Key moral principles in Judaism
      • The concepts of justice, healing the world and kindness to others are important moral principles in Judaism


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