Journey's End Quotes

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  • Journey's End - R.C. Sherriff
    • “rugger” and “cricket” who is ”too taken up with the game”.
      • Creates a game like image of war through the naïve Raleigh
    • “What! For England!” , “It must thrilling, playing, in front of huge crowd – all shouting and cheering“
      • Don't think of death when your'e young
      • More interest in Osborne playing Rugger for English team
    • "Keen to get out here. I was frightfully keen"
      • “good cause”
        • displays his ignorance to the real nature of war highlighting his romantic and idealistic views
      • Raleigh's excitement and naivety
      • Adverb
      • Youth
    • Osborne: You might avoid talking to Raleigh about it.                    Trotter: Why? How do you mean?      Osborne: There's no need to tell him it's murder -"
      • Osborne talks to Trotter not to tell Raleigh it's murder
      • Ruin his innocence and naivety
    • "silly"
      • Makes Raleigh seem childish
    • Trotter draws "one hundred and forty-four circles" to mark off the hours until the long wait
      • Long, agonising wait
      • Prolonged
    • "Couldn't bear being fully conscious all the time"
      • Stanhope needs drink to go out and face war
      • Coping mechanism


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