Joints of the Skeleton

Mindmap on joints and its main features.

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  • Joints of the Skeleton
    • Fibrous joints (immovable)
      • A fixed joint which allows no movement whatsoever (teeth, joints of skull)
    • Cartilaginous joints (slightly movable)
      • A joint which is separated by an intervening substance aka. cartilage (intervertebral joints)
    • Synovial joints (freely movable)
      • The ends of the bone which form the joint are covered by hyaline cartilage.
      • Ligaments bind the bones together
      • Joint cavity filled with synovial fluid and enclosed by fibrous tissue
      • Varieties - gliding, ball and socket, hinge, condyloid, pivot, saddle
    • Hyaline cartilage
      • Semi-transparent, appears bluish white in colour
      • Extremely strong but flexible and elastic
      • Consists of living cells and chondrocytes - situated far apart in fluid-filled places
      • Extensive amount of rubbery matrix between cells
        • Matrix contains a number of collagenous fibres


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