Jeff Buckley ~ Grace from the album Grace, 1994.

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  • Jeff Buckley ~ Grace from the album Grace, 1994.
    • Structure
      • Intro - Verse 1 - Pre-chorus - Chrous
      • Link - Verse 2 - Pre-chorus - Chorus
      • Middle 8-
      • Link - Verse 3 - Outro.
    • Melody
      • Vocal part ranges over two octaves, and sometimes improvising.
      • Instrumental sections mostly based on chord accompaniments, other than guitar riffs that play melody in the intro.
      • The vocal melody moves in steps and sequences, beginning in a low vocal range.
    • Texture
      • The texture thickens throughout the piece, especially in the coda.
      • The synthesizer strings drop in and out to add effect and vary the texture.
      • The bass, drums and acoustic guitar drop out in the intro, link and section A to give the texture a chance to breathe.
      • The string parts are held back, and added for effect or to raise the tension by adding to the texture.
    • Tonality and harmony
      • The song is written in E major, although often it's ambiguous.
      • The intro focuses on the chord of D, they key only becomes clear halfway through the first verse.
      • Chromatic chords moce in a parallel motion.
      • There is a use of dissonant harmonies.
    • Dynamics
      • Gets very loud during the middle 8.
      • Verse 3 has a much more forceful quality in the vocal range.


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