Jane Eyre (The Red Room)

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  • Jane Eyre (The Red Room)
    • Imprisonment
      • The red Room dehumanisesJane because she is being held captive, like an animal.
      • Jane is having to deal with her emotions in solitude, like she is in a prison.
      • The blinds  are always drawn so there is no sunlight entering the room. This also adds to the prison imagery as she cannot see outside.
    • Colours
      • The red Room is coloured in contrasting colours of red and white.
        • The white could represent femininity and submission, which is the way Jane is supposed to act.
          • The white could also link to the theme of ice in the novel.
        • The red could link to anger, danger and passion which is shown throughout the novel.
          • The red could also link the the theme of fire.
          • The red could also foreshadow the danger in the rest of the novel.
    • The womb
      • The red Room could be a metaphor for the womb.
      • Jane is changing in the chapter as she resists against the servents.
      • This is when Jane fights back for the first time.
      • Jane going into the red room is a metaphor for her being reborn into a different person.


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