Jane Eyre Symbolism

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  • Jane Eyre:Symbolism
    • Elements
      • Fire
        • Represents  passion and anger
        • Jane has to control her passion and fire
        • Bertha has no control over her feelings. The inferno at Thornfield portrays dangers of letting passions run wild.
        • "a ridge of lighted heath, alive, glancing, devouring."
      • Ice
        • Represents those that lack substance and passion
        • Jane Eyre., "I am hot and fire dissolves ice"
        • St John is associated with ice and snow which symbolize his dispassionate  character
          • "Ice of reserve"
    • Eyes
      • Jane is attracted to Mr Rochester's black and brilliant eyes
      • When Rochester loses his eyesight, Jane becomes his eyes.
      • Bertha's bloodshot eyes emphasize her violent nature.
      • The novel emphasizes    the minds eyes- an active imagination
    • The Red-room
      • Symbolizes how society traps Jane and takes her freedom due to class and gender.
    • Portraits & pictures
      • Dreams and drawings portray Jane;s deepest feelings
      • Jane compares a portrait between herself and Blanche which mirrors their differences in personalities and social class
      • Brontë, making herown picture of society in Jane Eyre, likewise wanted to give hernovel real relevance.




Symbolism is a very important topic within the Gothic genre and this min map begins to explore them; use it to begin your revision on symbolism, adding further ideas and page references.

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