Jane Eyre: Plot & Action in Chapter 2

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  • Plot & Action in Jane Eyre in Chapter 2
    • Chapter Summery
      • Jane is alone, by herself, in the red room and thinks about how she is treated as an outsider and a burden at Gateshead Hall
        • when darkness falls Jane's anger about how she was treated unfairly slowly turns into fear as she starts to imagine things and becomes convinced that the room is haunted
      • Importance?
        • reader learns how Jane is viewed by others & how she views herself
        • Reader becomes more engaged with Jane, seeing her unjust and cruel treatment at first hand
        • Bronte demonstrates Jane's ability to be passionately angry  but also her lack of power. For a young child to reflect her situation and circumstances and be able to accurately judge them shows her maturity at her age
    • AO1: Read, understand and respond to texts
      • Key Quotation: The theme of fairness
        • " 'Unjust - unjust!' said my reason"
          • This quote reflects Jane's maturity in being able to see the truth of her situation which is quite remarkable for a child as young as her
          • This desire for fairness is a major theme throughout the novel as it is one of Jane's central beliefs
    • Aiming High: Symbolism of the Red Room
      • The red room has a symbolic function in this chapter
      • the red room is associated with anger and passion which is reflected by Jane's feeling towards the reeds and how they treated her
      • the red room is a room that is neglected and rarelely visited which could represent attitudes towards passionate feelings and how they should be hidden and locked away




very informative thank you

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