Character Sketch of Jack

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  • Jack Merridew
    • Physical Appearance
      • "Tall, thin and bony;"
      • We fist see him wearing a dark cloak whilst marching the boys along the beach in a militaristic fashion
      • "hair was red, light blue eyes, ready to turn, to anger"
      • Brings on piece of technology - "a size-able sheath knife. He feels in control and superior with it and used it to "slash at the candle buds contemptuously" and to stab the mothering sow during a hunt in the jungle
      • He is the chief chorister of a boys choir who can sing C sharp
    • Savagery
      • He reverts to this as feels at home in this environment - Jungle.
      • described as being "ape-like" from his hunting desires
      • Smells animal droppings whilst hunting for a pig in the jungle
    • Cruelty
      • He treats the boys with no respect and shows no remorse at Piggys death
      • "Jack snatched the glasses" along with stealing them and breaking one lens.
      • "Shut it, Fatty", he is considered as the school bully as he continuously picks on piggy, frightens and intimidates the littluns throughout the novel
      • He also says that when Simon faints, he should be left alone
      • Beats Wilfred
    • Jealousy
      • He hates being beaten, and certainly to Ralph who is voted as the leader in the beginning, however, Jack soon gets what he wants as Ralph looses the battle to keep his leadership as the other boys are drawn to Jack
      • This may be the reason to bullying and timidating other boys. Piggy, who is smarter than Jack may actually intimidate Jack who feels as if the only way he can be cool, is to pick on others and be the leader of a gang
    • Power
      • He loves power, however, he will not settle for half- compromise and has to finally defeat the competition - Ralph
    • Disorder
      • As the desire to hunt and kill increases and savagery is seen, this soon alienates him further from Ralph. "******** to the rules!" &  "Conch!Conch!...We don't need the conch anymore. Its time some people knew they've got to keep quiet nd leave deciding things to the rest of us.."
    • Dictatorship
      • Jack believes in being a dictator, and by scaring the other boys, it convinces them to be part of his tribe
    • Evil
      • He is out hunting while he used his knife and "clouted it to a tree", he rolls a giant boulder, the size of a small car down into the forest..suggesting he is doing what he wants when he wants
      • He obeys evil, and primitive instincts are seen in Jack as he is at home in the jungle, like a savage, an animal and a hunter


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