Israel's Water Insecurity

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  • Israel Water Insecurity
    • Isael's issues
      • It consumes 500 billion liters more water than it receives naturally
      • The population is growing with an annual growth with an annual growth rate of 1.5%
      • It has beef with its neighbours
      • Internal competition for the limited water supply is increasing
    • Whose water is it?
      • By 2050, it will have to provide an estimated 11 million Israelis living in a desert environment with their daily water needs
      • Shifting territorial borders (Gaza and West Bank) have meant that claims over aquifers have been fierce
      • Israel still claims water in areas it use to own but is now owned by the Palistians
    • Water Disputes
      • Israel consume more water than any other country in the Middle East - over 2200 billion litres a year
        • Its supply is only 1700 billion
      • The remaining water sources, Sea of Galilee, Mountain Aquifers in West Bank and Coastal Aquifers are running low - Israel share these with the Palestinians, a 80/20% split
    • Isreals future?
      • Managing limited supplies, recycling sewage water for agriculture use
        • Reducing agricultural consumption and shifting the economy to high technology which would mean relying on greater food imports instead
      • Importing 50 million m3 of water per year by ship from Turkey and piping from the Red Sea
      • Importing 'water-rcih foods saves vast amounts of water: virtual water


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