Is the family symmetrical?

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  • Is the family symmetrical?
    • YES - the family is symmetrical
      • Geographical mobility and isolation
        • They are more isolated from the extended family so they have more time to themselves
        • There is not pressure to carry out the traditional roles that the elder relatives may push on them
      • New technology and labour saving devices
        • There are more machines that allow anyone to carry out household chores, e.g. dishwasher
        • This means that anyone in the house can do it
          • Gershuny - Women who had full time jobs did less domestic work.
            • Women who didn’t work done 83% of the housework and women who were in a full time job did 73% of the domestic work.
        • Silver and Schor - Argue that the burden of housework on women has decreased and led to the ‘death of the housewife role’. 
          • Because housework has become more commercialised by labour saving devices and also because more women work.
    • NO - the family is not symmetrical
      • Segregated conjugal roles
        • Ann Oakley - interviewed women about the tasks their husband did at home
          • She concluded that out of all housework chores; 85% are women's work and 15% are men's work
          • Housewife remains as women’s primary role – women in paid work forced into part time, low paid jobs
      • Triple shift
        • Duncombe and Marsden - Women are expected to do a triple shift
          • Housework, paid work and emotional work
        • Arber and Ginn
          • Working c;*** women are unable to access a full day of childcare
          • Therefore, they are trapped in a cycle of childcare and part time, low paid work
        • Benefits men as they don't have the stress of work when they get home
      • Decision making
        • Still the male who gets ultimate say in final decisions
          • Hardill - Important decisions made by the man alone (or together in dual career couples).
        • Pahl - Found most commonlly thatthe husband controls the pooling and has the dominant role in deciding how it is spent
        • Least common was wife controlled: this is the least common where the wife controlled all the money.


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