Ionic Compounds and Analysis

Ionic compounds and analysis. Topic C2a. GCSE Edexcel Chemistry

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  • Ionic Compounds and Analysis
    • Periodic Table
      • An elements position can be used to predict if it will form ionic bonds
      • Group 1 & 2 metals form ionic bonds with group 6 & 7 non metals
    • Ionic Bonding
      • Electrons are transferred in an ionic bond
      • High melting/boiling points
      • Conduct electricity when molten and in solution
      • Solubility of ionic compounds follow set rules
    • General
      • Insoluble salts can be prepared in precipitation reactions
      • Flame tests can be used to identify non-metal ions
      • Chemical tests can be used to  identify non-metal ions
      • Spectroscopy produces a spectrum of the light emitted in flame tests


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