Korean War, historical context/power and ideas

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  • Intro: Korean war: power + ideas
    • NSC 68
      • A report that increased military spending and coined the term 'containment'
    • American influence in south-east asia after WW2
      • USA power declined after 1950
        • China's turn to communism in 1949
        • USSR first atomic bomb
          • increased tensions between USA and USSR, more equal now (ish)
    • The Red Scare
      • serious soviet penetration: spies in top levels of the government
        • Alger Hiss was convicted of supplying the USSR with information
    • McCarthyism
      • Joseph McCarthy, senator who accused many members of the government of being communist
    • Communism vs Capitalism
      • comm- everything owned by the state, everyone is equal
      • capi- privately owned businesses, democracy, 'free press'
  • capi- privately owned businesses, democracy, 'free press'


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