International migration within the EU

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  • International migration within the EU
    • Pull factors into the UK
      • better jobs avaliable
        • Higher income allowing money to be sent back to Poland
      • better quality of life (health services and schooling)
    • Push factors out of Poland
      • low income (less than £300 per month)
      • limited work avaliable
      • no benefits for the unemployed
      • No minimum wage
    • Impacts on poland
      • skills gap especially in construction and plumbing
      • woman can find jobs more easily due to the lack of men
      • break up of families-divorce rate has doubled 04-10
      • money sent to those left behind may build services
    • Impacts on the UK
      • strains on services (schools and hospitals)
      • provide good business as they work for minimum wage for long hours
      • increased crime rate as locals push out immigrants
      • overcrowding of housing
      • immigrants don't understand rubbish collection system


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