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  • Interference
    • Proactive interference: when old learning prevents recall of more recent information
    • retroactive interference: when new learning prevents recall of previously learnt information
    • pro: new memories disrupt old
    • retro: old memories disrupt new
    • Chandler(1989):   stated that students who study similar subjects at some time often experience interference
      • french and spanish are similar types of material which makes interference greater
    • interference is greater when the materials are similar
    • an explanation for forgetting
    • Aim: McGeoch and McDonald wanted to investigate  the effect of  similar materials on interefence
      • Procedure: Mcgeoch studied retroactive interference by changing the similarity between two materials. participants has to remember the original list of words,after being told both lists, with 100% accuracy
        • Findings: P's who had similar lists had greater interference than those that didnt have similar lists
    • There is various lab studies to show that interference is a valid explanation for  forgetting for the LTM
      • the materials used were artificial which limits how much interference can be applied to real life as we usually tend to remember people's faces and birthdays not lists of words
        • suggests that interference is greater when done in a lab with artificial materials rather than in everyday situations
          • B&H asked rugby players to recall the teams they had played so far  in that season and the results showed that interference can apply to some real life situations


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