Indians. Roles in the tribes.

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  • Indian's
    • Women
      • Woman would make the tipi's out of buffalo hide
      • They would carry babies in cradle boards
        • The cradle boards  where normally beautifully decorated.
      • They would be taught to work hard from childhood
    • Men
      • They would go on their first hunt at the age of 14.
      • They where in charge of hunting and fighting .
    • Marriage
      • Men tried to 'woo' the women with poems and music
      • Normally horses were given too the farther of women  that they wanted to marry
      • Men could have more than one wife
      • Most marriages where love matches
    • Old People
      • When they are of no use and helpless they are left behind by the tribe to die
      • They where respected in the trive
      • They would tell stories about  the tribes history.
      • They would give advise and help to look after the children
    • Children
      • They didn't go to school but they where taught how to survive on the great plans
      • Parents would celebrate their daughters first menstrual cycle and announce it.
      • Boys where taught to ride horses and use bow and arrows
      • They where not  punished unless they did something serious.
      • Babies where taught to be silent from a young age so they didn't cry
      • They would play roles of unofficial look outs.


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