Who Were The Plains Indians and How Was Their Society Structured?

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These were the leaders of the Plains Indians Society. There are many types of chief eg. War Chief, Spiritual Chief, a chief who lef negotiations with other tribes etc. There wasn't just one system for choosing chieves. Each band had a Band Chief. Chieves weren't chieves for life- only unti they were unfit or old.

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The Council could declare war on another tribe or negotiate a peace treaty. Everyone could give their opinion in the concil and would be listened to.

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Warrior Brotherhoods

These trained young men in fighting skills. They also taught young men about the tribe beliefs and values. They were not under the command of the tribal council, meaning they didn't always respect peace treaties.

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Women could not be chieves and a successful man would have more than one wife.

Women were responsible for feeding and clothing their families. Their roles were respected very highly.

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