Who were the Plains Indians?

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  • Who were the Plains Indians?
    • Tribes
      • Sioux
      • Crows
      • Araphos
      • Comanches
      • Tribes were not unified, and many tribes were sworn enemies. However some tribes depended on eachother for survival
      • The largest tribe was the sioux, which contained smaller groups such as the Lakota
    • Indian Society
      • Tribes were made up of bands, and would meet once to twice annually for a buffalo hunt
      • Chiefs were leaders of Indian society and were chosen from skill
        • Famous chiefs included Red cloud and Sitting Bull
        • Chiefs had little power as decicions were made by a council
    • Indian Beliefs
      • The Native Americans believed in The Great Spirit who created the world.
      • Everything in the world is equal.
      • Dances were used to contact spirits
      • Some lands were sacred such as the Black Hills
    • Survival on the Plains
      • Survival was based on hunting buffalo and migration across the Plains.
      • They lived a nomadic lifestyle- this means they constantly moved camps.
        • Tipis were designed to be packed up quickly.
      • Tipis were made from wood and buffalo skin.
    • Family life
      • In each tribe, everyone had a role.
      • Women looked after the home and family, whilst men went hunting.
      • Elders were respected for wisdom.
    • Indian Warfare.
      • Honour didn't come from killing but counting coup.
        • This meant getting close to an enemy but without physically hurting them.
      • Hunters often took scalps off enemies, or they stole horses.
      • Indians mainly faught to protect hunting grounds, bur not for land.


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