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  • Inclusivism
    • Rahner
      • Other religions can contain Truth (as seen in OT w/ Job)
      • People may achieve eternal salvation if they seek God w/ a sincere heart in contexts other than Christianity
      • Through no fault of their own some people may not have access to the word of God
    • Lumen Gentium
      • Christ can save those who aren't aware of Him
    • Criticisms of Rahner
      • Balthasar-  is critical of anonymous christians  as it undermines the reasons for Christs Crucifixion and Resurrection which is central
      • The Church should not be watered down due to secularisation and in light of  a multi-faith society
    • Weaknesses
      • By rejecting "extra ecclesium nulla salus" Rahner is saying the sacraments and taking communion do not matter
      • If God's grace is available to everyone then arguably there is no need for Church
      • Rahner is diminishing the role of priest sin the church (as God's representatives) and makes the teachings optional as they stand as a mediator between God and Man
    • Kraemer
      • Argued non-Christian religions were cultural constructs  rather than responses to God's revelation through Christ
    • Summary
      • Don't like the idea that an all loving God would reject someone salvation
      • Some argue that non-christian faiths call upon Christ by other means + are doing his work anonymously


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