Religious Pluralism and Theology

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  • Religious Pluralism and Theology
    • Exclusivism
      • KRAMER - each religion has their own set of beliefs and cannot pick and choose what to follow - only Christians will be saved
      • BARTH - 'theology of the word' WORD = Jesus, Bible, Church.
        • One must believe in Jesus Christ as the early and human manifestation of God in order to reach salvation.
      • D'COSTA - only those who have managed to hear Christ's Gospel on earth and have accepted his sacrifice  will reach Heaven (restrictive access exclusivism)
        • But will all be save eventually when we get to know God after death (universal access exclusivism)
    • Inclusivism
      • RAHNER - 'anonymous Christian' many people don't know they are living a christian life but are living one.
    • Pluralism
      • PANIKAR - religion is due to culture
        • 'the unknown Christ in Hinduism
      • HICK - Iranean Theodicy - different cultures and nature in the world so different world religions
        • There are no elephants in Europe so there are no elephant God's in their religions.
  • Pluralism - all faiths and religions provide a path to salvation
  • Inclusivism - Christianity is the way to reach salvation but there may also be other ways
  • Exclusivism - Christianity is exclusively the only way to reach salvation


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