Historical developments CHRISTIANITY PRINTED

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Faith school

  • 1 in 3 schools are faith-based

Strengths and weaknesses

+They are inclusive and more diverse

+They produce the best results

+They promote good virtues

-Said to cause terrorism

-no longer funded by churches

-People feel excluded/separated from society

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Challenges from science


  • Athiest and proffessor at oxford
  • Book called "delusion of God"
  • Religion is described as a virus and can cause evil
  • God of the gaps


  • Converted from athiesm to catholicism
  • Proffessor at oxford
  • Book called "The Dawkin's delusion"
  • Athiesm causes evil

"To grow up and still believe in God is to remain a child all your life"- Russel

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inclusivism, exclusivism and universalism

Exclusivism- Your own religion is the only way to salvation

Inclusivism- Your own religion is one way to get salvation. Other religions may contain partial truths.

Pluralism- All religions have an element of truth.

Analogy of 6 blind men feeling an elephant. They may believe it is all different things but it is the same.


  • God needs to be the focus not Jesus. Every religious person believes in a powerful God/ Gods of some sort but we all interpret him in different ways. (pluralism)


  • All humans are part of God's creation
  • Non-catholics are actually anonymus christians as they aren't aware of God's love (Inclusivist)
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