TECTONICS - impacts of disasters

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  • Impacts of tectonic hazards
    • Social
      • Deaths, injury and wider health impacts including psychological harm.
    • Environmental
      • Damage, disruption or destruction of physical systems (ecosystems).
    • Economic
      • loss of property, business, infrastructure and opportunity
    • The impact of a disaster differs between countries with different levels of development (comparing with Tsunami's):
      • 2011 Tohoku, Japan. Magnitude = 9.0.     9.3m Tsunami height.  16,000 deaths and 6000 injured. US$300 billion in economic losses.
        • 2004 Indian Ocean. Magnitude = 9.2.     24m tsunami height. 230,000 deaths and 125,000 injured. US$15 billion in economic losses.
    • A megadisaster is a disaster with unusually high impacts. millions of people affected and billions of dollars in damage over an entire region or more than one country.


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