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Each and every day tectonic activity effects communities around the world but contrasting locations that incur tectonic activity suffer from different impacts. "A tectonic event is a physical occurrence resulting from movement or deformation of the Earth's crust" (Edexcel A2 Geography, Cameron Dunn 2009) There are a range of factors that determine the impacts and hazards that occur and in this report I will examine how these factors differ in contrasting locations. 

1.2 Factors: 

Human: Population density, Level of development, Prepearation and Awareness, Industry sector

Physical: Magnitude, Boundary type, Magma type, Geology, Duration, Depth of focus/ epicentre, time 

1.3: three categories for impacts:

Social, economic and env.

An event may have low social imapcts due to low population density, a high level of development and a degree of preperation and awareness but may have high economic costs due to the sector of employment focused upon. 

In general events occuring in LEDCs have a higher social impact than events in MEDCs however these events have a higher economic impact due to the level of development and the sector of employment focused upon. 

For this report I will assess the scale of impacts by ways of categorising the impacts into economic, env and social implications and assessing whether an


Alex W


What is a hazard profile???x

kathryn chalkley


A hazard profile shows which countries are more vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis: e.g. hope that helps :) **

Alex W


Thanks so much good luck for tomorrow! ***

kathryn chalkley


Thank you! i'm going to need it! You too!! I hope its a nice question.. :) **

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