TECTONICS - Case studies for comparisons of disasters

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  • Impacts of disasters compared
    • Volcanic Eruptions
      • Eyjafjallajokull, Iceland 14/04/2010 VEI 4
        • Major disruption to Air Traffic (10 million passengers and $1.7 billion in economic losses). Ice melt caused some flash-flooding.
      • Montserrat, The Caribbean 18/07/1995 VEI 3
        • 19 deaths,  and caused fires and lahars. Main airport and port closed. 70% of people living in temporary housing.
      • Kilauea, Hawaii may 2018.
    • Earthquakes
      • Tohoku, Japan 11/03/2011 MAGNITUDE9.1 Richter Scale.
        • between 18-20,000 deaths.   $316 billion spent on reparations. 250,000 people in emergence shelters. big fires caused high levels of CO2 and loss of vegetation.
      • Port Au Prince, Haiti 12/01/2010 MAGNITUDE7.0 Richter Scale.
        • up to 160,000 deaths. $14 billion worth of damage. Waterborne diseases and oil and gas leaks.
        • WEAK JUDICIARY and has expiring democracy - delaying its votes.
          • AID - $600 million in humanitarian Aid funding by EU, UNICEF made an emergency appeal for helpers, WHO sent 12 health experts.
    • Tsunamis
      • Tohoku, Japan 11/03/2011 WAVE HEIGHT 9.3m
        • 16,000 deaths and 6000 injured. US$ 316 billion worth of damage. 190,000 buildings damaged/ destroyed. damage to ports, water and energy supply.
          • STRONG GOVERNANCE - Power to cope and reduce losses. has a cabinet consisting of a Prime Minister who is appointed by the Chancellor.
          • AID - Russia sent additional gas supplies, UK sent 70 rescuers and 2 search dogs, USA dispatched personnel to rebuild airport.
      • Indian Ocean 26/12/2004 WAVE HEIGHT 24m
        • 230,000 deaths and 125,000 injured. 1.7 million people displaced in 18 countries. US$15 billion in economic damage.


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