Immigration 1939-75 WHO

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  • Immigration WHO
    • Caribbean
      • labour shortage  after WW2
      • stayed after serving in war for permanent employment opportunities
      • NHS,  London Transport and hotels and restaurants advertised for workers
      • success of previous immigrants
      • looking for work  but also adventure
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      • cut back on  immigration to USA in 1952
      • 1948 British Nationality Act giving all citizens of former empire unrestricted access to Britain.
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    • East Africa and Indian subcontinent
      • East Asian from Arica
        • Persecution
        • Idi Amin in Uganda expelled 50,000 Asians most of whom came to Britain
      • East Asian from India and Pakistan
        • economic reasons
        • served in British army in India and employment in Britain appealed to them
        • Increased labour shortage in Britain was filled with immigrants rom India especially Pakistan.
    • Roma gypsies and travelers
      • WW2- refugees fleeing from persecution in central and Eastern Europe
    • Greeks and Italians
      • in prisoner of war camps were brought to Britain and decided to stay after the war
    • Jews
      • Flee from Nazis
      • mainly 1930s


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