Children and young people in Britain 1939-75

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Children in Britain 1939-75:

  • Families had black out curtains for thei windows so no light could escape from their houses. People were fined for letting light out of their house.
  • Richer children often complained of being more hungry when there was rationing because there was less food to eat. Children who were from poorer families benefited from rationing because they were getting more food than they could normally afford. 
  • There was a period were there was a milk shortage and there was only one egg per person for two weeks.
  • Families would swap things for something else they need with their neighbours e.g. they would swap their home-grown vegetables for something they were running out of.
  • Many men went to fight or were asked to work at home.
  • women had more jobs such as working in factories or in the public service.



  • children saw their parents scared and panicking for the fist time.
  • Gas masks were a big part of young people's lives, they carried them around everywhere…


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